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The Weeknd - Blinding Lights (W&W Festival Mix)

Duration: 03:32

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Published: 02 Juli 2020

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So we initially made this festival mix for our 20XX broadcast because we love the original. There were a lot of great reactions on it so we thought let’s upload it to YouTube.
When we got in the video it really hit us that we miss playing all these amazing shows SO MUCH!! This summer would have been full with crazy festivals and clubs but unfortunately for everyone we all have to wait until next summer.

Let’s enjoy the streams, social-distance-shows and everything all the very creative organizers come up with, but let’s also remember that without the actual shows and human interaction, this music isn’t the same.
Eventually it will come back, so here’s to a super bright future ahead for all of us!!

Hope you enjoy this one :)

Willem and Ward

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